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Waking Time

Eddie Harran

present / past

Chronference Premiere: Melbourne 2014

Hello dear students, my name is zee Dr Time.

Here is a Selfie. (Yes, wise teachers are allowed to take selfies)

I surf the timescape and act as a vessel to help create a safe space for people to inquiry into time. I entered the ‘real time world’ after #chron02014 + @wisdomhackers merged together to form me.

Some people call me ‘Da Boss of Time’. I like that.

A note to the student before reading. Understanding one’s own relationship with time is a deeply transformational experience. You see more. Feel more. Play more. Do more. With that mind, here are some insights to contemplate. Some may make sense. Others may not. That is ok. Time takes time to fully understand. My invitation to you simply bring awareness to what arises in you as these words wash over you. Now, Lets begin


The clock is not the (only) time.

When you look up at the stars, you are gazing into the past.
You are already a time traveller.

To become empowered in your time, examine where your attention wanders.
Attention is the cinematography of your mind.

Time is the director.

Time is the omnipresent ocean we all swim in.

When the time is right and you are ready, you will begin to understand that you can ride its waves.

We live in an era of time poverty.

The new wealth thus becomes not about using money to create a mansion of bricks, but instead using your freedom within to create mansion of time.

When you begin to transcend the boundaries of time, you reenter with a greater awareness of it.
Where as before you were simply using software, you now can become one with the code.

Every human has a unique time signature in the same way that every piece of music has one.
Whats your music?

Photos sourced from the collective consciousness: Awesome Alvin, Higher Consciousness, Johnny Sonic, Imaginary Foundation , SgForums, and WeHeartit.



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