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About Chronference

Chronference is a series of experimental, pop up time travel symposiums for people interested in time and futures. It started with our first symposium at dawn on the spring equinox 2014 in Melbourne with a group of 12 speakers exploring the perspectives of the past, present and future on the past, present and future.

This collection, launched on the summer solstice 2014, is a rolling collection of thoughts and ideas on the nature of time. It brings together reflections from the speakers from our spring event and allows for new voices to be added, each exploring that junction of perspective or lens through which we see time, and the time object - the time we are interrogating.

Thinking and rethinking about time allows us to rethink the way we approach the future, finding new ideas and opportunities to create a future that could be different from the default. Rethinking time affects our experiences of time, and out notions of what is critical, what is urgent and what is important. Playing with time creates possibility.

Chronference was initiated from a discussion between Kristin Alford and Eddie Harran, and is supported by foresight agency Bridge8 and change strategists The Holos Group. For further inquiries about symposiums, publications and related services, please email



The Object: Past

The Object: Present

The Object: Future

The Lens: Past

past / present

100 Sentences
by Neil Houghton

The Lens: Present

Waking Time
Eddie Harran

present / past

Dandelion Puff
Phred Peterson

present / present

present / future

by Kiri Bear

The Lens: Future

future / past